In this article, we will explain the most popular race of bicycle, road bike races. What is road bike racing, what are the rules of road bike racing, what is peloton, what is domestic, why will these cyclists always answer basic questions like weak.
The interest in cycling has increased in our country in recent years. One of the most important factors that ensure this is definitely quality publications. Especially in the narration of Eurosport announcers, it is a great pleasure to watch “Big tour”. Be sure, if you are interested in cycling races, it is an incredible pleasure to watch the bikes competing with each other in that perfect nature when you know the balances in cycling races, the historical importance of the tours, and what stage means. Especially if you are listening to the tour and the speaker from the region (Caner Eler, Sarper Günsal, Berkem Ceylam, İnan Özdemir, some of them), you may want to make the next trip to the region where the tour is held.

Road Bike
Road bike racing is one of the toughest sports. In these races, in a few weeks, you have to go for miles on a flood, reach 90 km speed, climb for miles in some stages, and balance downhill in others. There are even cyclists who have planned the whole race after their teammate wins. We will describe them in order.

Races are organized between spring and autumn on the road bike, which attracts more attention in Europe. For this reason, the racers preparing for the races spend the winter months in the Southern Hemisphere under more favorable climatic conditions.


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