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What is Decoration? Importance and Meaning

Decoration, with the short phrase of the engineer in the construction of buildings, decorate the interior and exterior of the art (decorating) is the art. There is a difference between the architectural design and the decoration work of a building, ie architectural design (decoration) and decoration (decoration) are not exactly the same facts. Architectural design showing the relations, sizes and shapes of each other. The design of the rooms, what to use in the building, what to use, such as the external view veya Decoration, these rooms, rooms or spaces inside and outside of the personal and intended to decorate the exterior of the purpose.

What is decoration, decoration meaning

We see them decorated together. This city stems from their desire to reflect the inner world and their tastes to the place. We are trying to create environments where we will enjoy living and spending time. At the same time we have decorated our own personality, we have the urge to transfer to other people with spaces. The house, our rooms, our working environment or our garden reflect our personality. Here, in our own taste, we will live more comfortable, we will find an interior creativity and decorate the interior.

Importance and Effects of Decoration
Decoration design, decoration interior decoration. Because the appearance, structure, focus of our environment affect our feelings. A beautiful and appropriate decoration will affect us positively, we are expanding our motivation and energy. Prepare a beautifully decorated and delicious meal. But in a dark, colorless, mixed kitchen you don’t want to work.

The colors, shapes, colors used in decoration will be in the picture of people with different character. One of these influences is the interior decoration for the business world. A store, to make more purchases to the customer with interior design. It makes you feel special with an elite look. It works by focusing attention on products, clearing out confusing details. This is also the case for office decorations. It aims to provide a spacious and comfortable environment for employees in the office. Details are avoided, simple appearance and design is preferred.





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