Panicked Husband Records Wife Giving Birth In Moving Car While Kids Watch From The Backseat.


Alexis Swinney was en route to a Texas hospital to give birth to her 6th child. At that point she was very much in labor — and she was under the impression they presumably wouldn’t make it to the hospital in time.

Dominique, her husband happened to record this memorable video from the driver’s seat as their children sat with gaping eyes in the back seat.

Alexis started to shout and squirm in pain, as she squatted over the front seat and bore down. “What do I do?” she quickly asked Dominique.

Dominique urged her to attempt to hang on as long as she possibly could, desperate to deliver the infant in a safe environment at the doctor’s hospital.






In the meantime, their astounded kids watched this extraordinary scene unfold from the back of the car.

Alexis immediately grabbed between her legs, dreading the child would not able breath.

Dominique was then instructed to pull over immediately, Alexis gave one more enormous push — and her little girl was delivered naturally with her own hands as she welcomed her into this world!

The exhausted mother was happy to hear the sounds of her newborn cry.


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