10Constipation-Causing Foods And 10 Relieving Foods For Perfect Bowel Movement



Are you having difficulty with the regularity of your bowel movements? Irregular bowel movements, gas, and bloating are obvious symptoms that you may be constipated. You may have been sticking to the wrong food, or leading a poor lifestyle, but there is always a solution. First, you need to try and change your eating habits. There are many foods that can cause constipation and some that will relieve the condition. Here are 12 foods that you must avoid and 10 relieving foods for perfect bowel movements, courtesy of StyleCraze.


 1. Unripe green bananas



Bananas are very healthy in general. However, unripe ones can cause constipation. They are used as a home remedy for an upset stomach.


2. Chocolate



Sorry to break this news to you, but chocolate indeed causes constipation, in particular if it contains milk. The humongous amount of fat in chocolate slows down digestion. Having too much of it can cause constipation.


3. Caffeine



Many people can’t live without it, but the reality is that it can make you constipated at times. Drinks that contain caffeine, including energy drinks, black coffee, coffee with cream, decaf coffee, tea, tea with cream, hot chocolate, or soda, are all a no. Caffeine draws water from the colon when consumed in excess. It’s not bad if you consume a cup or two, as it promotes bowel movement when digested in moderation.


4. Processed and frozen foods


Processed and frozen foods are convenient, but also dangerous. Salami, sausage, frozen dinners, and ready-to-eat foods all contain preservatives and added flavors. The digestive system works extra hard to process all of these and this can, in turn, cause constipation.

5. Gluten

Gluten is a binding protein found in wheat, semolina, rye, and barley. Some people are gluten-sensitive, especially those with Celiac disease.

6. Persimmon

Persimmon is a delicious orange tomato-like fruit with two varieties – sweet and astringent. The astringent variety can cause constipation because it contains a lot of tannins that tend to slow down food movement.

7. Red meat

Consuming red meat can cause constipation because it’s high in fat and hard to digest.

8. Crackers

Crackers or any other biscuits made from baking flour tend to slow down bowel movement.

9. Alcohol

Alcohol can also cause constipation, nausea, and headache because of its dehydrating properties that make cells draw more water from the waste in the digestive tract, in turn slowing down bowel movement.

10. Too much dairy products

Dairy products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and ice cream can all cause constipation if you exaggerate with the consumption. Lactose can also cause gas and bloating. A study conducted on Iranian children aged 1 to 13 observed that dairy products were the main cause of their constipation.



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